Nursing Reflective Journal Report

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NUR1014 Professionalism and Contemporary Nursing Reflective Journal(I) Name: Ko Wing Yi Student Number:15001448 My perception and perspectives of being a nurse in the healthcare team In the healthcare team, every member holds different role, such as nurses, doctor. And they will cooperate with each other which to provide care to patients. Nurse include many important roles such as caregiver, health promoter, client advocate, care coordinator, counselor, case manager, educator. (The Nursing Council of Hong Kong,2015) During the practicum, I experience the role of the nurse importance because I did a mistake. Against this mistake, I will make the solution that to improve my future effectively. I think that the important role of the nurse is a care provider. This role who use nursing…show more content…
As well as, the nurse can provide different care to patients such as wound care, mouth care. In the process of providing care, there contain many steps that do not make mistake in each care. In the practice, I got a mistake on prepare which make me think care provider is important for the nurse. In the practicum, the nurse said that I do wound dressing. I felt excited as I usually want to try wound dressing on real people. And I also felt difficult at that moment because wound dressing attends to the sterile environment which I cannot wrong within each step. And the patient case who has wound at his right heel. And I felt flurry because I process this wound position first time. So, I recall the memory about the steps of the wound dressing. Then I did hand rub and I checked the equipment that I need. So, I think that I finish my preparation.
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