Nursing Reflective Practice Essay

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Reflective practice for nurses is when the individual critically thinks about their actions, thoughts and experiences and appropriately adjusts their practice to suit the healthcare system that rapidly changes every day. This critical thinking leads a person to increase their sense of self-awareness and their clinical competence will be improved (Bolton, 2010). During practice in healthcare, it is inevitable that you will experience problematic interpersonal relationships that can affect the way you are practicing. It is important after experiencing issues in practice, that you reflect in order to not disrupt the best possible care you need to provide after you’ve been challenged (Daly, Speedy, & Jackson, 2014). Nurses are constantly required…show more content…
The theory-practice interrelationship can be achieved through theory eventually feeding into practice and practice eventually forming into your theory if Reflective Practice is being used (Walker & Avant, 1983). This theory-practice relationship has enabled the frequent use of Reflective Practice to be put into place. It sensitises Nurses to the suffering, courage and determination of those patients who are critically ill. Nurses will be willing to show empathy and treat all patients with more care and be more understanding of these situations, enabling the best care possible. These are the proven benefits prove that Reflective Practice is essential to the development of theory and practice for Nurses. A multitude of benefits is evident and it won’t change as long as it remains in future practice. As a first-year Nursing student, it is essential I use Reflective Practice to be able to succeed in the clinical environment. Walker and Avant (1983) recognised that if you use Reflective Practice your theory and practice will integrate together and be clear. I am learning the key skills needed right now and it is important I will be able to implement them into my practice. As a precaution, I will write my reflections into a diary at the end of each day and when I am challenged as a qualified Registered Nurse, I can look back onto these entries and decide what I can do better in order to be fully
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