Nursing Reflective Report

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The aim of this research article was to gain an understanding of what reflection is and stands for in nursing. The study had a nursing teacher and student perspective to help determine the believed meaning of what reflection in nursing is and how it benefits practice. The setting to this study was a University in a post-graduate course for Registered Nurses. The sample included nine teachers and eleven students. It was conducted within one study that consisted of individual one on one interviews. This was identified as a qualitative journal article. Its research allowed for the researcher to reveal the induvial in the studies beliefs and perceptions through the use of one on one interviews. This paper found that reflective practice is a…show more content…
Additionally, each interview in the journal article reported on each interview that allowed for a framework between them all to be established. However, this article had limitations within privacy and confidentially of participants who could only provide limited information in relation to what they reflect on, this restricting the data. The aim of this journal article was how TeamSTEPPS impacts a medical student’s knowledge to promote an overall interprofessional communication style. The study from this journal article consisted of a sample of 149 students. The participants were all medical students ranging from third-year nurses, fourth-year doctors, second-year pharmacies and second-year physician assistants. The study was identified as quantitative as the researcher used students to take the survey, pre-assessment and post-assessment each rating their attitude towards team communication. The post-assessment identified if the student 's team communication changed due to the team STEPPS training session

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