Nursing Research Barriers

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In the construction of this essay the writer will read and research the appropriate literature, exemplifying how they understand certain barriers that effect nursing research. Burns and Grove (2010) defined nursing research as being concerned with knowledge that directly and indirectly influences clinical nursing practice. Research is vital in nursing for a number of reasons. According to Maguire (2014) nurses need to be able to account for their actions and show credibility for their performance. They need to show what they do is ethical and is of use in their profession. The different barriers to nursing research will be discussed in further detail. Some barriers include a nurse’s lack of knowledge and education, finding time to research,…show more content…
According to the National League for Nursing (2009) without adequate research to prove what works effectively and what doesn’t, colleges don’t know what to change and how to change it for their students. Stringent, multi-method research is needed to determine why certain innovations are effective and, therefore, provide for nursing education that is based on solid evidence. Some solutions to this barrier include establishing closer links with different colleges, creation of a nursing research departments in colleges and establishment of nursing research committees in each year in college. Nursing education in hospitals may be improved upon by providing research role models for less experienced staff members and having regular presentations of research findings to all members of…show more content…
According to Rettig (1980) when research was determined to be apart of the nursing profession prior to 1970, additional education requirements led to some resentment. A negative attitude toward research is also created when projects are tedious and the results provide no clear answer. Some ways to help nurses develop positive attitudes toward nursing research include having role models in the clinical area who value research, having more emphasis on research and statistics in nursing programs, and providing research courses at the undergraduate level that help the student develop vehemence for

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