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Locate a nursing research journal article that has been written within the last five years and discuss the following questions on your discussion post. Attach the article to the research post.
•Does the review of literature build on the research problem, purpose, and question for the research study?
The nursing research article titled “Nurses’ personal and ward Accountability and missed nursing care: A cross sectional study” by Srulovici and Drach-Zahavy (2017) adequately communicated the research problem. The researchers described what they did and what they learned from the research problem, purpose, and question. The problem researched has significance in nursing for the nurses, the patients, and the organizations.
•Is the review of literature
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Factors contributing to missed nursing care ranged from nurses’ values, perceptions, and socioeconomic factors (nurses’ accountability) to facilities scarce resources, staffing, and increased work demands (wards’ accountability). Additionally, this research article included the researchers own findings from a primary cross sectional study involving RNs from different wards in eight general hospitals aiming to test the effects of personal and ward accountability. The study included articles of established research from other related disciplines such as psychology, organizational controls and safety, hierarchical models, multilevel theory research, and other cross sectional studies.
•Does the review rely on appropriate material (mainly primary source articles)?
The review relied on appropriate material and used a majority of primary source articles. The researchers included a couple of primary article’s graphs and tables as noted in figure one and two. The cross sectional results of the researchers own findings are found in table one, two and three. This data coupled with the numerous research articles reviewed, identified and supported the research problems and yielded important evidence for nurses because it reflected expert opinion about areas of needed
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The researchers developed a systematic program of research, building on their own earlier findings making it more likely to make an important contribution (Polit & Beck, 2017). The authors paraphrased often, therefore not over relying on direct quotes from their original sources.
•Does the review support the need for the study?
The research review supported the study and strengthened the hypotheses. The data and additional quantitative and qualitative research articles supported the missed care results, limited bias, and predicted an existence of a relationship between the identified variables. The results strongly indicated the focus as noted in the conclusion that stated “the findings of the present study are pioneering in stressing the importance of personal and ward accountability in shaping missed nursing care” (Srulovici and Drach-Zahavy, 2017, p. 170).
Polit, D. F., Beck, C. T. (2017). Nursing Research. Generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice (10th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.
Srulovici, E., & Drach-Zahavy, A. (2017). Nurses’ personal and ward accountability and missed nursing care: A cross-sectional study. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 75, 163–171. Retrieved from
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