Quantitative Research In Nursing

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Research is a detailed study into a particular problem, issue or concern using scientific method. It could also be defined as gathering information usually to answer a particular question or problem.
Nursing research is a systematic study that provides evidence used to support nursing practices. Nursing, being an evidence based practice, has been developing since the time of Florence Nightingale till date, where nurses now work as a researchers and as well as in clinical setting. It is actually this research work that turn nursing into a profession.
Clinical research is based on biological, behavioural and other investigations, it provides basis for the care of individuals through their life span and this takes place anywhere
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It could also be defined as social research that uses empirical methods and empirical statement. Since quantitative research is about collecting numerical data to explain a phenomenon, particular question seem immediately suited to being answered using quantitative method.
Quantitative research is a systematic process used to gather and statistically analyze information that has been measured by an instrument. Instruments are used to convert information into numbers. It examines phenomenon through the numerical representation of observations and statistical analysis.
Quantitative research could also be about asking people for their opinions in a structured way in other to have hard facts and statistics to guide
Research: is a method of describing, exploring, relating or establishing the fact of an existing concept, factors affecting the phenomena and the relationship among them.
Process: collection of the activities carried out in the research is referred to as the process.
Research process is an orderly and systematic process that requires more art than science through thought and patience. It is also a multiple step process where steps are interlinked in the process. It provides necessary foundations and skills to locate information to complete a good
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Most often during the test, the scientist tries another branch of idea which may work and this is referred to as alternative hypothesis.

Literature review is a critical evaluation of previous research that that has been carried out. It is the summary of a particular area of research that allows anybody to know the purpose of the research. It explains more on reason behind the selected research question. It is believed that it is equally important.
Literature review can be a precursor in the introduction of a research or it can be the entire body itself, often the first stage of big research project. Conducting good literature review is a matter of experience though best scientists have made the mistake of using poor evidence.
This is the blue print of the study. It is the frame work created to seek answers to research question. The research design defines the study type such as semi-experiment, descriptive, met analysis, correlations, experimental, review, and sub type ( for example descriptive longitudinal case study) independent and dependent variables, experimental design, research question, hypothesis and if necessary, statistical analysis plan and data collection

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