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1. My thoughts about a nursing research conference prior to Eta Beta Research Day were that it would discuss research that can be implemented into nursing practice. I thought a speaker would present research in which they conducted and allow the audience to interact by asking questions. I was expecting to learn about research that pertains to registered nurses and student nurses. I expected to gain an appreciation for nursing research and ways research can be implicated into nursing practice. Throughout the semester I was able to participate in some of the research that was done by the Honor students and was told the results and findings were to be discussed at Eta Beta Day.

2. The most important thing I learned about nursing research at
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One podium presentation I found interesting was Nancy Laplante “An Evolving Identity: Self- Reflection on the Image of Nursing”. The purpose of this research was to explore the impact of a professional presentation on participants perceptions of the images of nursing. The research questions asked included: the perception of the nursing image, the public view of nursing impact on how nurses view themselves, how nursing image impacts the recruitment into the nursing profession, and how attitudes and beliefs of the nursing image change based on the presentation. The research design was a qualitative study was a sample size of 43 participants. The data collection method shown positive and negative images as part of the presentation; participants then responded to open ended questions. The findings discovered four themes: An Evolving Identity, In Defense of the Profession, Reality to Retain, and The Greater Voice. The results showed that the image of nursing varied. Nurses can be viewed as a positive influence, such as trusting; however, they could also be viewed negatively like controlling. Participants also viewed they had to defend their profession in regards that they were smart enough to be a doctor. Many felt students needed a better understanding about the reality of nursing and nurses needed a stronger voice. The implication to nursing were having educator assist students and build a positive image of nursing. Also, to allow nurses to self-reflect and correct negative…show more content…
The first posted I visited was “Mindfulness in Perioperative Nursing” the purpose of this poster was to present a concept analysis of mindfulness and how that can be operationalized in the context of perioperative nursing. The research conducted focused on an exemplar case that was about performing a surgical timeout and count of the equipment. The findings showed that the exemplar cases communicated effectively, minimizes distraction, and focused on safety. The RN shows accountability by performing the time out, the surgeon responds appropriately when an item is missing during the equipment count, and in the end possibility of error is reduced. The second poster was “Expert Performance” and the purpose was examine the transition from nursing student knowledge to novice nurse practice. The research method used the Walker and Avant method of content analysis and electronic databases were used to gather studies regarding expert performance and simulation. The findings found that expert performance develops over time with knowledge and practice. Simulations provide nursing students with active learning, reflection, and feedback opportunities that play a role in developing expert performance. The third poster was “Telecollaboration: A Concept Analysis”. The purpose was to maximize student engagement in learning experience by using new tools to enhance collaborative opportunities. Roger and Knafl’s method of evolutionary concept analysis was used to identify attributes,

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