Introduction To The Importance Of Research In Nursing Research

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This chapter is discussed under the following discussion of findings, objective, summary, conclusion, implication to nursing, recommendations and suggestions for further, studies. Objective One : To assess students knowledge of importance of research in client care .
Analysis of table two clearly revealed that 100% of students are aware of importance of research in client care. According to Royal College of Nursing (2009), Research is an indispensable part of a modern, effective and essential to the provision of evidence based care which modern nursing entails.
Analysis of table III which answers the question on in what way is research important in care of client reveals that 40%
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Objective three: To identify reasons for frequent repetition of some particular research topic among students.
Table six shows that 70% of the students research topics have been researched on before by other senior students, while only 30% of the topics have not been researched on before by other senior students. This means that student repeat research topic.
Table seven shows the rate at which the topics have been repeated. 30% of the topics have not been researched on before by senior students, while 3% have been research on once, 48% have been researched on twice, 124% have been researched on three times and 5% have been researched on four times. This indicate increase rate of repetition of topics among students and this agrees with the comment that students are research phobic and that research has then become imitative and
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Dicenso (2006), stated that evidence based practice depends on a number of factors including attitude towards and knowledge of research, the availability and access to relevant research, adequate resources and supervisors support. It is important that students be given adequate time to research, making them actively involve in order to ensure evidence base practice in nursing.
The constraints faced by the researcher were the following:
- Insufficient prior research.
Research is a cumulative process, present research builds on the prior research, however there are relatively few investigations who have examined the attitude of students nurse and midwives towards research study and this made literature review difficult for the researcher.
- Text books
Lack of Journals and text book is another barrier to get enough information that is current on the project topic and finding the ones with necessary information to enable the researcher in producing a quality academic write-up.
- Times

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