Nursing Role In Patient Safety

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Transitional Paper: The Evaluation of Nursing and Patient Safety As medicine has evolved throughout the years, so has the role of a nurse. Once seen as solely an assistant to physicians, nursing is now considered the foundation of many functional hospitals and other acute care settings. A nurse’s role in safety in particular has evolved greatly throughout the years. It is important to note that as the overall role of a nurse expanded, as did the responsibility of continual patient safety. By looking at the evolution of training and nursing practice, it is possible to observe the changes that have occurred to increase patient safety within the past century.

History of a Nurse’s Role in Patient Safety
It is evident that a nurse’s role in healthcare
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As the understanding of infection and disease began to develop, as did the responsibility of a nurse. From 1900 to 1920, nursing 's focus on patient safety revolved around preventing the spread of infection based on the germ theory ("Nursing 's Evolving Role in Patient Safety," 2017). B y using proper hygiene and cleaning surfaces and instruments, nurse’s were able to minimize the spread of bacterial and viral infections. Although not fully understood at the time, this practice is still implanted as a way to protect patients against disease. Following the spread of the germs and proper hand hygiene, the 1920s offered little more to improve patient safety. Most publications gave no warning on adverse outcomes of treatment and patient safety was not quite a concern. However, attempts were made to reduce injury including lower beds for those at risk for falling and hand rails (“Nursing’s Evolving Role in Patient Safety,”…show more content…
As once thought of as mere assistants in the healthcare field, nurses have emerged as patient 's primary care and safety providers. From the evolution of the nursing profession comes two essential themes: patient safety and nurse advocacy. The primary goal for nurses is to provide the best safety for a patient so that they may get the best care possible. Nurses have become advocates for change, adopting new techniques and treatments while ensuring the safety of the patient is upheld and uncompromised. As the role of nurses continues to expand, it is important to remember how the profession has developed and be open-minded to new advancements. Patient safety is a team effort between all healthcare staff and should be held to the highest of standards to ensure patient care is the best it can possibly be at all times and to all

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