Roles Of Women In Today's Society

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An ambulance arrived at the entrance of Bellevue Hospital, and an emergency bed sprinted across the polished, hospital floor. The wheels screeched, but they rolled with no hesitation. A crowd of four assisted around the bed: a father, a mother who tightly gripped their son’s hand, and two nurses who assured the injured that everything will be fine. The atmosphere tensed as the parents waited outside of the emergency room, praying for the procedure to end successfully. Buzzzz! It was only a few minutes when the red light flashed off and the operation finished. The parents panicked, “How did it go? Is my son alright?” “Please don’t worry! Dr. Jane has it all under control. She will talk to you in a few minutes,” replied the nurse with intentions to assuage the parents’ fears.…show more content…
are very common and we do not view the practice as anything bizarre; however, in the past, women were treated as nothing more than housewives. Women never had a chance to present themselves at important jobs or events. They dealt with all kinds of unfairness and hardships thrown at them, nonetheless, they stood firm and strong. When thinking about women’s rights, people such as Rosa Parks, Susan Anthony, and Lucy Stone comes to mind. Another example that I personally consider a role model is the first lady of Argentina, Eva Perón. Born in the 1919, she grew up in a community where life was not that easy. Eva Perón is admirable in various ways with the following: her strong personality, successes and achievements, and whom she is in the
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