Nursing Scholarship Case Study

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Please accept the recommendation in support of Shenita’s Freeman scholarship application for the Health Resources and Services Administration NURSE Corps Scholarship Program. I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Freeman for seven months at the Coordinating Center. During this time, it has become apparent that Shenita is an example of a good citizen who is committed to academics, as well as to growing in her professional life while also helping others. Ms. Freeman is the Program Director of the WISH (Wellness and Independence for Seniors at Home) program. This program identifies seniors in Montgomery County Maryland that are at an increased risk for hospitalization. The program implements interventions to mitigate existing challenges…show more content…
I consult regularly with Ms. Freeman about client cases and how to best leverage community resources to better serve our clients. During these discussions, I am amazed at Ms. Freeman’s breath and wealth of clinical knowledge. I wholeheartedly support Shenita’s application and have encouraged Shenita to pursue a career in nursing. Her dedication and commitment to the underserved residents of Montgomery County are unparalleled. Shenita is the ideal candidate for this scholarship. Ms. Freeman will represent what the Health Resources and Services Administration NURSE Corps seeks in a nurse scholar. Shenita will begin her first semester at Trinity Washington University in Washington D.C. where she will pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Shenita’s primary focus is on preventative health. Her goal is to move towards a more proactive than reactive…show more content…
When I think of Shenita’s commitment to service one story come to mind. Arriving to work one-morning Shenita came across a senior that was caught in the rain and had entered the lobby of our building to seek shelter from the rain. The client appeared cold, wet and disheveled. Shenita approached the client and ask if she could buy him breakfast. Shenita showing compassion for this senior brought the senior breakfast and a warm beverage. The senior was so touched that she would go out of her way to assist him. This is what I know of Shenita’s character. She is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of

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