Nursing Scholarship Essay

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I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico, but I have lived in small community in the central valley for the past ten years. My family and I came to the United States in hopes of a better future. Although our lives have been change in a better way, there have been obstacles in our way. Unfortunately, my parents have always worked in the fields in order for me to get an education and hopefully a better life. My family have harvest different types of crops but unfortunately it is more difficult to find jobs because of the drought in California. Every summer my family and I have to look for jobs in places outside of California such as Oregon or Washington. During this time I also work in order to help family and to also understand what my parents go through…show more content…
This has been a great opportunity to determine if nursing is the career for me. At this point I am certain that nursing is for me. A part of my ROP nursing class, I help at a nursing home once a week for four hours. This has given me an insight of the advantages and the disadvantages of nursing. I honestly think that making a person’s life more comfortable outweighs the disadvantages. I think it is essential to give back to my community whenever I can. I currently volunteer at St Marello bookstore, which is a catholic bookstore. I work there for about two and half hours every friday evenings. Volunteering at the bookstore has not only given me the opportunity to give back to my community and church and also the opportunity to learn new skills. My tasks consist of helping customers, maintaining a clean environment, unpacking and organizing new items, and working the cash register.
I am also very active at school and have joined several clubs since my sophomore year. I am presently a member of the Art and HOSA club. I am proud to be part of these clubs because we help our community. For example, during the holiday season HOSA members collected shoes for kids in Guatemala, sang Christmas carols to the residents at the nursing home, and bought gifts for families in our community. For both clubs we fundraise by selling
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