Nursing School Admission Essay

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I decided to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison because of their nursing school’s collaboration with scientists and renowned researchers across the UW-Madison campus, the nation, and the world. This school will help me network with the best researchers and scientists whom I can learn and grow from. The university is the third largest research university in the country and will help me further my career in research as a nursing student. Research is very important in the nursing field due to the fast growing pace of diseases and illnesses. There needs to be new techniques in developing cures and care plans, especially treatment that are unique to each individuals’ needs. As a University of Wisconsin-Madison student, I will take advantage of various research opportunities. My goal is to become a midwife nurse for that reason I want to do research on the reproductive system. I also want to find different ways to improve women’s health overall. I plan to take full advantage of the university’s…show more content…
The most difficult and challenging class that I have taken in college was Anatomy. At UIC, for pre-nursing students, a D in anatomy means an extra year of pre-requisites. After failing my first 2 exams, I gave up. I felt like my career in nursing was over. One day, after failing an exam, I went to see if I should drop the class. The professor told me I could still receive a C in the class and still get into a good nursing school. I do not think she understands how much she motivated me to pass. After I left her office, I became dedicated to anatomy. I studied at the library everyday determined to pass. I got a C in the class and passed. I have only gotten one C in my college career. To top it all off, my anatomy professor wrote me a letter of recommendation letter for nursing school. To conclude, my anatomy class has taught me to never give up. Now, I do not doubt myself. I know I am capable of anything I put my mind
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