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My interest in the nursing profession was not made conscious until I realized that inherently, I am a caregiver. Taking care of someone feels as if it is second nature to me. Being so, I found a passion for assisting others in a professional environment. I became interested in nursing because as a nurse, I will be able to holistically care for patients and their families at their most vulnerable moments and ensure the highest quality of care because I will be the one delivering it.
My insight on nursing school is as if it is a journey. Graduating from nursing school will essentially be the end of said journey, but the accomplishment will not be about me. It will not be about becoming a registered nurse, having a good job, making a decent wage, and/or continuing onto a higher education. It will be about practicing empathy, compassion, patience, and exercising the honor of caring for others.
I eagerly await becoming a nursing student to exhibit grit. The concept of having grit is something that I am just learning to
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As a professional nurse, I will be nothing less than progressive and innovative. I have found that I have an interest in being a nurse entrepreneur. As a nurse entrepreneur, I will be able to go beyond the bedside to enhance health care practices for the greater good of society. It is easy to look at the world through a critical eye, while not offering any solutions for improvement. I want to challenge this and take action to better our society in areas that need assistance. I have not yet thought about what exactly I can do to promote such reform, but I do know that with my passion for igniting change in combination with my nursing skills, I will be able to give the world transformative benefits. My aspirations are kept in order by encouraging words from Shonda Rhimes, where she inspires me to ‘’Change the world and when you’ve done that, change it

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