Nursing School Admission Research Paper

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Growing up as a Puerto Rican American in an underachieving community filled with violence and trouble I’ve always known that I wanted to make a difference, I want to help change and save peoples lives. In high school when a nurse named Meredith inspired me to follow her footsteps. I was inspired to become a nurse because though Meredith I found that nursing was a life calling and passion that was meant for me. I want to attend a university that will prepare me to strive and excel in the nursing medical field and that school is UIC Nursing School. UIC Nursing School is one of the top nursing schools in America and the best nursing school in the state of Illinois, some of the best nurses have been alumni and students of UIC Nursing School. By attending UIC nursing school I will be give the opportunity to receive on of the best educations available which will in turn help me be the best nurse possible for my patients.…show more content…
While when I internship at Lurie children’s Hospital in Chicago and I was able to meet and shadow nurses and doctors specializing in all different fields. I was able to see a glimpse into a future where I worked with a team of highly trained individuals who were all dedicated to saving someone’s life, I was motivated, inspired, and driven. I’ve realized that to live my dream of being a nurse I could never give up, even when times are tough and that no natter what I must give always give110% of my devotion to complete my

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