Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

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Growing up, I always loved helping and taking care of people. After high school I became and EMT and it was a job that I loved but had to give up after having children. Being able to help someone in their time of need, just gave me the satisfaction of knowing that I had a purpose in this world. Now that my children are getting older, I have decided to take back the reins of my life and go back to school to become a registered nurse. With nursing, there can be very different scopes of practice. This being because there are many different fields of nursing. You would think that all the scopes of practice would be the same for registered nurses, but unfortunately, they are not. There are different areas for registered nurses to work in the hospital. As of right now, I have not decided on a certain department or floor of the hospital that I want to work on yet. The scope of practice for a registered nurse according to the Ohio Revised Code Section 4723.01(B) defines that a registered nurse can provide care to individuals and groups, requiring specialized knowledge, judgment, and skill derived from the principles of biological, physical, behavioral, social, and nursing sciences. Nursing care can include identifying patterns of human responses to actual or potential health…show more content…
The scope of practice is limited to that which the law allows for specific education and experience and specific demonstrated competency. Each state and jurisdiction have laws and regulations that describe requirements for education and training of one’s profession and defines their scope of practice. As for standard of care, it is a written statement describing the rules, actions, or conditions that direct patient care. The standards of care guide practice and can be used to evaluate
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