The Role Of Nursing-Sensitive Indicators In Nursing Care

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership

A. In a study written by Liza Heslop and Sai Lu, the authors contended that nursing-sensitive indicators (NSIs) play a significant role in enhancing the nursing care performance of nurses (Heslop & Lu, 2014). To note, the NSIs also shows the structures, processes, and outcomes of nursing care that is why they greatly impact the way how nursing care is delivered (Magnet Today, 2013). For example, the Magnet Recognition is so focused on enhancing the quality of NSIs because “they want to achieve new levels of quality, efficiency and effectiveness” (Magnet Today, 2013). Consequently, the use of NSIs is also crucial with how nurses provide a high-quality patient care. In the given case, the daughter of Mr. J noticed a red, depressed area over her father 's lower spine. The NSIs
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