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Group 1 1. This was the first simulation scenario of nursing 120. Last semester we had a simulation towards the end of the semester, so I had an idea of what to expect. However, since it was the first one some fear set in. I get nervous very easily, especially when I don’t know what’s going to happen and when the situation is not in my control. Professor Griffiths explained the background of the patient, Sally Jacob. Sally Jacob was a 65-year-old female who was going to have a right side femoral popliteal bypass. Her background includes having hypertension for the 15 years, DNC heavy menstrual bleeding, peripheral arterial occlusive diseases in the right leg, and complains of having nausea and vomiting following a procedure due to the anesthetic…show more content…
Sally then arrived to the hospital and that’s when me and two other student nurses took our spots. The two students nurses with me were also nervous and anxious, but since we had three brains working together I had faith that we could hand this simulation. Sally seemed to be unaware of what surgery she was having, thinking she came to amputee her leg. We then stated the surgery she was having and that no amputation would take place. Sally also had a question on informed consent, which we explained to her and told her daughter can be the new health proxy for her. As we got more into the scenario, I felt a bit more confident because these are some questions we can ask and almost fell like a real patient talking to us. These questions sally was asking are very relevant and realistic; questions that a patient might ask in the preoperative phase. I remember when I went into surgery, I was asking the doctors and nurses questions upon questions because of the fear of unknown. If the patient knows the information and the facts, the patient is more comfortable and is less anxious. Surgery is a scary thing, so knowing information is very beneficial. Sally told us about her medications and we asked her about them, but failed to ask when she last…show more content…
Two of the most important things I have learned today were how to speak to a patient in a calm and informative manner and what is expected from a preoperative nurse. One thing I learned is that we as nurses are allowed to reassure the patient information about the surgery once the surgeon has explained everything. If the patient still wants to talk to the surgeon, we should get the surgeon to come and talk directly with the patient. Another thing I learned is always ask about advance directs. Most patients do not know what advance directs are, so we should clarify the information and make sure they are satisficed with their decisions. If the patient in the last minutes of surgery wants to change anything in the advance directs, we should give them a chance to change it. Even in preoperative phase, we want to teach the patient what will happen after surgery and things they should do like ambulation. As the nurse you should explain what the purpose of ambulation is to the patient. You should always teach and educate the patient about their well being. In future practices, I will use what I learned today. I will be more confident than I was today and be more aware as
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