Cause Of Elder Abuse

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Nursing Paper: ABUSE Elder abuse is also termed as senior abuse or elder mistreatment or abuse of older adults. It is an act that is happening within any kind of relationship, which results in anguish to an older individual. For example, the elder people are abused by their family members, or friends, or even neighbors in certain cases. There are numerous examples, which we shall be counting into as elder mistreatment, but it does not include any unlawful action against the older individuals. Hence, we cannot term robbery or homicide or any kind of burglary that has happened against the given elderly individual into elder abuse (Ayalon, 2011). However, some of the non-governmental agencies have found that, the given elder abuse results further into domestic and family violence. Therefore, it is important to guard these people, since they are the ones who have given birth to their generations, and these generations are majorly involved in such kind of…show more content…
It has been found that, on average, elder adults make 14.2 visits per year to a doctor or to a psychologist (Bulman, 2010). Hence, it is important to first of all raise the awareness levels, which will help to end the growing rate of aging exploitation. Further, the government should focus its efforts on making the elderly adults report their issues of abuse. This will help in obtaining the precise and proper statistics, and on its basis, we would be able to decide the strategies to restrain unlike types of elderly mistreatment. These people need to develop a reliable and significant association, so that they can offer them with the indispensable support and assistance. Further, the healthcare professionals need to be educated and provided with the basic recommendations, which will help them in helping in a better way to the victims of elder
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