Nursing Teaching Strategies

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The factors that influence teaching strategies/ level of nursing education The factors that influence my teaching strategies is a active learning involves the faculty through participation and investment in exploring content knowledge in all phases of the learning process. It requires educational activities that provide Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students with the opportunity to engage actively in courses and respond to the learning situation (Billings & Halstead, 2012). The active learning component of simulation fits naturally with Bandura 's social cognitive theory. Bandura identified experiences that increase self-efficacy based on outcomes from his program of research; he theorized that mastery of new skills and experiencing…show more content…
Further, the nurse can also have the clinical judgment to interpret or conclude patients needs, concerns or health problems to modify or improve patient 's response (Billings et al.). The students can develop their clinical skills and confidence through simulation training. The patient simulation laboratory (SIM lab) uses state-of-the-art equipment that provides students and faculty with the opportunity to tackle real-life scenarios in a safe and supported environment. Human patient simulators are sophisticated computer mannequins that can be programmed to exhibit signs and symptom and replicate real patients. The mannequins can have pulses, chest, heart and bowel sounds. All the simulation lab equipment can be hooked up to a hi-tech computer and audio-visual aids. The aim of this SIM lab is to implement more reflective student learning, teaching, moving the focus from a procedural approach to reflection and conversation for gaining understanding and perception. The leadership focus can be accomplished as it allowed faculty staff to participate in active learning that led to the growth and understanding of the interactive simulation learning. For the faculty to apply evidence-based practice in SIM lab, one needs to be comfortable, competent, and safe to provide a procedure such as tracheostomy care. Active learning involves the faculty and students through active participation in the SIM lab. SIM lab return demonstration would make the students develop skills needed and comfortable to deliver safe clinical care from theory into
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