Autonomy In Nursing Essay

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Ethical Principles In Nursing Ana Is Autonomy means to regulate itself, this moral principle as the basis for the nurse in providing nursing care by way of appreciating the patient, that the patient is able to determine something for him. The nurse should involve patients in making decisions about the nursing care given to patients. prinsip autonomy based on the belief that the individual is capable of logical thinking and able to make your own decisions. Adults are deemed competent and have the power to make its own, vote and have different decision or choice that should be appreciated by others. The principle of autonomy is a form of respect towards a person, or is viewed as agreement does not force and act rationally. Autonomy is the right of independence and freedom of the individual claiming discrimination themselves. Professional practice reflects the autonomy when nurses appreciate client 's rights in making decisions about the care of himself. The application of moral principles of autonomy in nursing care of this example is a nurse if inoculate must be informed as to what those drugs, the principle of autonomy is violated when a nurse does not specify an action of nursing was going to do, do not offer options such as allowing a shot or injection can be done in the ass right or left and so on. Nurses in this matter have acted…show more content…
Justice is justice, the principle of justice, this is the basis of nursing actions for a nurse to do justice in each patient, meaning that every patient is entitled to the same action. The principle of Justice is needed to terpai the same and fair towards others who uphold moral principles, legal and humanitarian. This value is reflected in the professional prkatek when nurses worked for the correct therapy according the law, standard practices and beliefs to obtain quality health
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