Nursing: The Impact Of Stress In Nursing

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According from the book of Oxford Concise Dictionary. “Stress is being subjected to physical, mental or emotional strain in response to real or imagined stimuli. These stimuli, known as stresses induce a natural “flight-or-fight” response in the body, as the body prepares to respond to a real or imagined threat to its equilibrium." Stress is an inevitable part of our life, no matter who you are, no matter what you are doing it will always affect your own personal aspect of life. Whether you work in an office or from home, stress will always push us to work harder to cope with work deadlines. A lot of factors contributing from getting stress were in our body responses like having financial stress, work life stress or working too much, loved life stress, family stress, friends stress, and many more. But when stress is prolonged and not managed properly it becomes chronic where it compromise and gives an impact your overall health. FERN-C can help you have an easier work life too! The work life of a nurse isn 't that easier because it offers a tremendous challenge with time management when you are working with day, noon, and nights shift. And nurses must have to take a more active role in maintaining a healthy work life every day. And this how FERN-C helps me to make work life easier! “Forklift ay Easy with FERN-C!” and “Subok Na!” “People may say nurses are just an assistant of the doctors, and their job are just to give medication, take patients blood pressure, attend

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