Nursing: The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Centuries ago nurses are considered as an assistant to a doctor whereby they are more to a helper to the doctor and their main job scope are to follow the doctor’s order or their superiors order. Florence Nightingale or best known as a “lady with the lamp” has changed the way that societies think about nursing. She had critically thought of a way to reduce the death among soldiers due to infection by improving the sanitary conditions of the hospital stay. She instituted the creation on an invalid kitchen where appealing food for patients with special dietary requirements were cooked. She established a laundry so that patients would have clean linens and she also instituted a classroom and a library for patient’s intellectual stimulation and…show more content…
Critical thinking is a domain-general thinking skill. Today nurses are skilled and capable professionals who are expertise in patient care and public health. Critically thinking nurses are highly appreciated and respected in their area of practice. Critically thinking ability are a skill that evolves over tie as a nurse gain her experience and it could be in a nurse with years of experience or also in newly appointed nurses. Critical thinking is the most effective way for junior nurses to gain their job experience. A junior nurse with critical thinking skills able to manipulate and accomplish new situations and able to deal with the people…show more content…
It is whereby the planned intervention is carried out. Implementation process is very important to ensure the effectiveness of the planning (Simpson & Courtney,2008). The implementation process will tell the nurse whether the previous plan able to be implemented and to ensure that the continuous care towards the patient. According to the plan on the way to overcome the positioning problem in PICU the invented positioning chart is printed and laminated and stacked above the PICU monitoring chart and also on the patients bed to ensure that the nurses able to see the chart clearly. Other than that, all the nurses where educated on how to do two hourly positioning according to the chart. It is also explained to the nurses that at the 6pm/6am it is written in the chart with two positions which are prone or semi fowlers because there is certain patients where the doctor will not allow to put under supine therefore that specific patient should be put on semi-fowlers position. All the nurses seem to understand on the examples given and able to follow the recent change in the patient management. The cycle of the chart also explained to the doctors so that the doctors also should understand on the usage of the chart and how to interpret patient’s position according to the

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