Four Functions Of Leaders In Nursing Practice

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CONCEPT 1:- QUALITIES OF A LEADER. This concept is derived from “LEADERSHIP & COMMUNICATION” BSN 03, BLOCK 5, and Module 1:3 entitled “Functions of Leaders in Nursing Practice.” Little Field, defined “Leadership as a process of influencing others to attain goals.” Every group of people that performs near its total capacity has some idea in her head; that is skilled in the art of leadership. The skill seems to be a compound of at least four major ingredients:- 1. The ability to use power effectively and in a responsible manner. 2. The ability to comprehend those human beings has different motivating forces at different times and in different situation. 3. The ability to inspire and-; 4. The ability to act in a manner that will develop a climate…show more content…
Multiplicity of goal paths number of solution and IV. Specificity of solution number of correct number. • Position power refers to authority inherent in a position, the power to use reward and punishment and the organization support of one decision. In contingency theory of leadership; people become leaders not only because of their personality attributes but also because of various situational factors and the interactions between leaders and the group members. 2:1. PERSONAL CONTEXT: I personally view that the most effective and right way of managing an organization depends on what happened within the place at one point or the other at a particular circumstances. Each case that emerges will demands for different approach or solution at that moment. This contingency theory is useful as it identifies issues of making situation unique within the organization. 2:2. SOCIAL CONTEXT: In the social context, the ideal structure is one that offers the employees the best methods of working to optimum effect and making the maximum contribution towards the organizations overall objectives. The contingency perspective on leadership provides the view that most effective style of leadership depends upon the circumstances in which the management is…show more content…
This concept is chosen from BSN 03 “LEADERSHIP and COMMUNICATION.” BLOCK 5. Module 4:3 entitled “Interactional Leadership Theories, Integration of Leadership and Management In Nursing Practice.” Stogdill (1992) defined leadership as “the process of influencing the activities of an organized group in its efforts toward goal setting and goal achievement.” The nursing leader must have ability to direct a group through commitment, enthusiasm, leadership attributes and good interaction with follower in a conducive environment to realize a common goal. Nurse leader roles are responsibilities in order to meet the goal and objectives of giving effective, efficient and adequate care to her client/ patients she need to carry out the following roles and responsibilities:- • Need to have effective communication skills – written and verbal with good relationship skills as to communicate with others .the goal and objective of the organization they are serving. • Knowledgeable about laws and standards of polices governing nursing practice and communicate such to the members such as:-  Scope of standards practice of nursing administrators and nursing

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