Nursing Theory In Nursing

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Nursing models and theories provide guidance to nurses and it gives a rationale for various nursing interventions (Hood, 2018). The Growth Model of Change helps people to realize their full potential. In the nursing practice, the growth model of change is used as the framework, which encompasses the caring theory or complexity theory (Hood, 2018). In this paper, I will focus on the Jean Watson’s Human Caring Science Theory and how it plays a major role in nursing care. Caring helps influence the ways in which people think, feel, and behave in relation to one another (Ozan, Okumus, & Lash, 2015). Caring in the nursing practice provides the presence of a touch, listening, spiritual caring, relieving pain, and a support system.

Jean Watson 's Human Science and Human Care Theory includes transpersonal caring and relationships (a moral idea), carative factors (what to do), carative process (how to do), and the human care paradigm (Hood, 2018). These tools are necessary to use in a nurse’s daily life. Watson’s theory focuses on caring as the moral ideal of nursing and helping a person understand meaning in sickness, pain, and existence. The theory incorporates human caring with healing and life-learning steps of human caring (Sitzman, 2017). Caring is the moral ideal of human respect, and safety. She believed that respect and kindness are started with our inner being before we can care for others with respect and kindness (Painkihar, Mckenna, Stiglic, & Vrbnjak
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