The Mcarae Nursing Model

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The Discussion paper of Mcarae focuses mainly on the relativity of Nursing models as an integral part for evidenced based practice in the services provided by nurses ,who has interdisciplinary roles that changes from time to time. Counterarguments for challenges against the nursing theory are discussed as well.
He traced back the nursing model conceived by Hildegrad Peplau specifically providing a backbone for practice of the therapeutic use of self as an agent of change towards patients on all walks of life and not only for nurses practicing mental health nursing. This nursing model proved to be very amenable due to the described process in interaction which starts with orientation, identification, exploitation and resolution. Moreover, as
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It followed the top to bottom approach in order to give an overview of the scope of discipline on the role of nurses.Jacox and Hardy also made a conceptual model to set nursing apart from medicine. Again it was brought up that conceptual framework is not testable and does not explain a phenomena as compared to logical empiricism.
The works of Riehl and Roy were also mentioned that both approaches can co exist through deductive method which is a general premise with a logical conclusion and inductive methods using descriptive statements summarizing the clusters of empirical propositions.
It was then proposed that if science were to be reconciled to nursing science it would follow an approach that is bottom to top and all sciences will form a single hierarchy. Nursing can be unified but distinct in
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It started off by being inspired by logical empiricism however as time goes by the demand of the scope of practice has increased and it needs to be distinguished from other medical health sciences so they integrated bottom to top and top to bottom specifications making the nursing profession
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