Self Care Theory Research Paper

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Taiwo. S. Fapohunda,
Minneapolis Community and Technical College Introduction Theories are sets of assumptions, ideas, and accepted fact that are used as the basis for explaining things or phenomena. Theories are used in different fields, in the field of nursing there are no exceptions, there are numerous theories used in the field. Nursing theories are collections of assumptions, tested knowledge being used as a support for practicing nursing. Different scholars have proposed varieties of theories on caring which include, Patrician Benner – Novice to Expert, Dorothea Orem – Self Care Theory, Ida Jean Orlando – Nursing Process Theory and Martha Roger -Unitary Human Beings. This paper will be discussing self-care
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The theory is also called Orem’s Model of Nursing. (Orem, D.E. 1991)
Self-care theory is the ability to care for self or one another in other to maintain good health. This theory takes into considerations environmental factor. Self-care is learned and through this learning, a person become more proficient in taking care of themselves and others in an efficient way. For example, a baby does not know how to eat or have toileting skills when they are born. Basic consistent training from parents or caregivers will make the child learn and develop some self-care skills as the child grows into a young adult. The way self-care is done varies in culture, age, beliefs, and education. Self-Care Requisite
This theory has proposed by Orem has three requisites, these requisites are;
Universal self-care: In this requisite, it is believed that all human beings have a general common need to be able to maintain and sustain a living as expected (Dennis, 1991). Orem identified the universal self-care requisites to include; Air, Water, Food, Elimination, Activity and Rest, Solitude and Social interaction, Prevention of hazards, Promotion of normalcy. All this are needed for effective healthy
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The idea behind the self-care theory is for nurses to always be ready to provide help and services to other people who needs to be cared for around the world. In my own opinion, nurses should establish requirements that consist of interpersonal relationship, positivity, knowledge and the use of critical thinking. Nurses should also learn about others religion, ethics, cultures and believes of different races in the world. That way, they will be able to have a better understanding about a patient’s point of view when it comes to care. Nurses should have the desire to help patients, and be able have an extensive knowledge to communicate with patients, and their families with respect and
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