Nursing Theory: Orem's General Theory Of Nursing

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The conceptual framework identified to inform this study is Orem’s general theory of nursing. Orem 's theory is a grand nursing theory encompassing three interconnected theories: the self-care theory, the self-care deficit theory, and the theory of nursing systems (Alligood, 2014). The theory of self-care describes why and how human beings care for themselves, can receive help through nursing, and describes relationships between nurses and patients and the importance of these relationships for quality nursing care through the use of the nursing system. These three theories as a whole represent the philosophical idea about self-care, nurses, patients, and their interaction (Beckerle et al., 2013).
The International Diabetes Federation (IDF)
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They classify the phenomenon of interest. Concept analysis is the beginning step of theory development to develop a conceptual definition (Alligood, 2014). Concepts may have a different meaning in a vast theoretical system, it is important to ensure the clarity of a specific concept that will ensure the construction of a body of knowledge in a given area. Managing GDM includes having the support of family, friends and healthcare providers. Health care providers such as nurses need to ensure that education about the disease process and management is available to the patient because an absence of clarity results in less consistent and undesired outcome (Alligood,…show more content…
Additionally, it describes self-care deficit as a general theory composed of four related theories; The theory of self-care, which describes how and why people should take care of themselves, the theory of dependent-care, which explains how family and friends provide dependent care for a socially dependent person, the theory of self-care deficit, which describes why people receive assistance through nursing and finally the theory of nursing systems which explains the relationships maintained for nursing production (Alligood, 2014 p.244).
Orem asserts that when self-care declines, illness, disease or death will occur. Pregnant women with GDM who do not practice self-care increase their potential for illness and complications associated with GDM such as neonatal shoulder dystocia, macrosomia, and preeclampsia. Nurses assess individuals ' needs and identify self-care deficits. Knowledge deficit is identifiable with the use of questionnaires to test the understanding of the identified population (Bousso et al.,

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