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A theory is usually a system of ideas intended to explain something. A nursing theory is a way of explaining and relating concepts and usually includes context, content, and a process (George, 2011, p. 4). Florence Nightingale is widely considered to be the “mother” of modern nursing and while she never intended for her writings to be a theory, her environmental model is considered by most to be the first nursing theory. Her environmental model had an effect on nursing care in the mid 1800’s and its effects on nursing can still be seen today. In order to best understand Nightingale’s environmental model you first have to understand the historical context in which it came about. Nightingale was extremely well-educated and well-read for a woman…show more content…
Many studies have been made that directly support the ideas and recommendations that Nightingale wrote about in the mid 1800’s. Zborowsky (2014) writes that “Nightingale’s environmental theory appears to still have merit today in the selections of research variables for study at the bedside” (p. 32). It is a well-known fact that “clean hands save lives” and clean hands started with Nightingale. A clean environment is equally important and in her time it actually led to a decrease in the mortality rate of the ill and injured soldiers in the Crimean War. Today, clean hands and clean environments lead to a decrease in the spread of harmful bacteria such as MRSA, C-DIFF, and other diseases. Prevention of these things always leads to favorable outcomes for our patients. Favorable outcomes are also seen when we help our patients achieve much needed rest, sleep, and proper nutrition. This is accomplished by changing their environment by decreasing excess noise, harsh light and ensuring patients get the proper food to aid in their healing process. These are just a few of the things that Nightingale wrote about that lead to improved patient outcomes. George writes (2011) “by structuring the environment to provide an optimum place for patients to improve their health, the result is positive outcomes for the…show more content…
She was considered to be a skilled statistician and she used this skill to influence change in healthcare and social reform. She made keen scientific observations, kept meticulous records and is thought to be particularly influential in the development of nursing as a science. Many other nursing theorists have used environment as part of their theories and have quoted or cited her in their own work (George, p.61). Her influence can be found all over the world from the United States, to the United Kingdom, all the way to Japan and many places in between. Nightingale’s many works continue to be some of the most referenced in nursing. Her work and teachings are timeless and universal and can be applied to all situations and across the

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