Metaparadigm Of Nursing Theory

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Nursing knowledge developed from the period of Florence Nightingale until now through the development of nursing theories, philosophies and knowledge base practices. Nursing has a distinctive knowledge base and therefore it can be considered as a profession. As a profession nursing has a social responsibility to provide a knowledge base practice.,McCurry,Revell and roy((2009) Each discipline is having its own body of knowledge, Smith and McCarthy(2010).The term ontology has been used by Watson, who refers to ontology as the creative work in nursing that reflects caring and healing .Caring is the foundation of Ontological nursing. Watson (1999).
As per the ontology of nursing discipline Nurse patient relationship is the core of
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Fawcett (2007).The essential element of the nursing metaparadigm are nursing practice, environment, human being and health. Jarrin (2012). Nursing practice is built on nursing knowledge, research, and theory as well as derived from other profession .the goal of nursing practice is expand the nursing knowledge and skills which facilitate to improve the healing, quality of life and meaning of the recipient of nursing care. Willis,Grace,Roy(2008) .Environment is known as human and non-human circumstance which is affecting person, Newman et al,(2008) which includes relatives, friends, other people, health care professionals, as well as cultural, economic and social background. As per the metaparadigm human being is the person who is receiving care. Which may include the family member person’s occupation, and social needs. Meleis,(2012).Health is the central aim of the discipline of nursing which means capacity to function independently .WHO emphasis “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity .”Newman argues this view as health is present and revealed in illness through caring nurse patient relationship .Newman…show more content…
Meleis (2012) explain the characteristics of nursing perspective are nursing as a practice, caring discipline, human science, and health oriented discipline. The main role of nursing profession is to provide care to the person who is experiencing illness as well as who is having other health care problems. Nursing is a practice oriented discipline that means primary task is related to practice .basic and applied knowledge are two important component of nursing as a practice .Nursing practice is constructed on nursing knowledge theory and research along with that nursing derives knowledge from other profession and which will apply to the nursing practice(.IMO) ,.as well as they gain knowledge from the practical care they delivered .when a nurse see a patient frequently she study more about the patient such as their daily life process ,and able to understand there health care needs and will achieve a caring relationship that will enable her to provide better care to the patient.Meleis(2012).McCurry(2009) illustrated nursing as a theory based practice which deliver nurses a frame work for clinical decision making and ensure accountability by increasing clearness of there action. Caring aspect of nursing is also is one
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