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Understanding the different trends in nursing
• The Image of nursing today
• Nursing shortage
• Technology
• Traditions in nursing

Nursing as a profession has many trends some of which are challenged today while others are much honored and valued. Trends in nursing are closely tied to what is happening to healthcare in general. Nursing as a profession is, and will continue to be responsive to and influenced by the society. Therefore, most of the activities occurring within the nursing field also reflect what is happening in the society. As the growth of alternative health care continues throughout the world, many nurses are following the trend and treating it as a specialty practice. Negative attitude about nurses may discourage many capable prospective nurses, who would choose another career that offers greater appeal in stature, status and salary. This issue is of great
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Nurses can be either a man or a woman who are responsible for the treatment, safety and recovery of acutely or chronically ill or injured people. Nurses are also involved in medical as well as in nursing research and perform non-clinical functions which are necessary for the delivery of health care. Decline in the nursing school programs leads to the shortage in nursing career decision. The shortage of nursing decreased for 6 consecutive years due to inadequate federal and state funding for nursing education.
However, the popularity of nursing as a major field of study has declined as well, the most prominent factors seems to be the expansion for capable young women to enter the male dominated profession such as medicines, law and business. This represent the decrease of roughly 40 percent. Some nursing leaders argued that nurses have little knowledge about what nursing will be like when they choose to enter the

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