Nursing Vision Goals

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Organization Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
The purpose of this paper is to discuss this authors place of employment organizations mission, vision, values, and stated goals of the organization. This paper will describe the nursing mission on a specific unit and will discuss if it is consistent with a larger organization. This paper will also describe the structure of the nursing department on whether it is centralized or decentralized. Finally, the paper will describe ways in which nursing strengthens the mission and vision and organizational structure of nursing. Organization Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
Mission and vision both relate to an organization’s persistence to educate the public about who they are, what they hold
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However, as the struggle to maintain inmate satisfaction scores with human right advocates, rapid critical thinking decisions making is essential, therefore many organizations are adapting to a decentralization model. The pros of decentralized method of our nursing unit provides quality, effective medical treatment within the prison. This plan implements the goals of the DOC organization. Centralization philosophies support decisions from a top level down, this would not support the autonomy of the nurse who is medical responsible for human life behind the gate alone to make life saving choices. While cons of decentralizing can create competition among senior nurses and misinterpretation standards differently, pros to carry out the goal to treat and preserve human life does not waver. This infrastructure has nurtured a culture which sustains the vision at the organization and unit levels (Huber,…show more content…
SBARs strengthen the standardize communication between nursing shifts and other medical professions. This strategy was implemented because of nursing being part of a shared governance (SG) within the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania that has endured several changes based off evidence-based practice, this change is one method that better strengthens the mission, vision and structure of the prison. This SG represents all outlying departments that collaborate to better serve the inmates, employees and the communities which it serves have a voice to implement internal change (Myers, Parchen, Geraci, Brenholtz, Knisely-Carrigan & Hastings, 2013). A second method of is yearly training at the DOC in Elizabeth Town, Pennsylvania. There as a nurse, this author is educated on new gang member tattoos, new contraband substances and ways to combat this as a team with the

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