Nursing: What Are My Strengths In Nursing

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1. What are your strengths? Identify and describe
A good strength that I possess is my ability to always stay organized. I can’t work in a mess with my things all over the place, I need to be neat have a visual patient plan to plan my work for the day. By doing this, I can plan the care for my patients based on their proprieties and commit to them without forgetting anything, as I tend to forget tasks with higher patient loads if they aren’t written down.
Another strength I have is leadership. I like taking a leadership role on my unit by delegating appropriate tasks to the healthcare team in order to ensure all the needs of my patients and skills are completed by the end of my shift.
Another quality I possess that I think is a strength in nursing is that I love to teach and adapt to my patient’s learning styles based on their priority needs. I think teaching is an essential part of nursing because you find ways of somehow passing on essential knowledge needed by your patients in order to treat, ease, prevent and manage certain disease processes.
I’ve been told by various patients and healthcare professionals that I have a special quality of nursing care that I deliver to my patients. What is meant by this statement, is that I really surpass the basic, ideal role of being just a nurse, as I ensure my patients received a holistic approach of care. For instance, I use a gentile tone when speaking to my patients, I love to use gesture like a therapeutic touch in appropriate

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