Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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Nursing is the shelter, promotion, and optimization of health and skills, prevention of injury and sickness by educating the pubic or individual, stop patient suffering through the diagnosis and handling of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals of any age group, families, communities, and populations. Nursing basically is a holistic approach to healthcare, meaning that while a nurse is caring for a patient, they look at the entire individual, their work, their support system, their financial situation and how they react to illness.
It is a very broad profession, ranging from hospital work to industrial work. They can be put anywhere be able to work. for instance, nurses can work at a school or a clinic or
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Some may think nurses are doctors right hand and should do as the doctor says, but in the past few years nursig has taken big monumental steps into becoming its own profession and have its own regulatory body with its own code of ethics. Another reason I chose this topic is because I am currently studying to become a nurse, and the first few courses were just about opening our eyes to the possibilities that nursing has to offer and to enlighten us on what nursing is really about, care for the individual. and i got the sense that the professors had to convince the students who were already in that major that nursing wasn’t as it was. because people still hold a grudge and an unreasonable image of what it used to be. And the evidence is clear in that there is a lack in the nursing profession. so much so, that the UAE recently had to import over a thousand nurses from the philipinnes to make up the imbalance of the sick to nurse…show more content…
She was born into a high class family and because of her status, it was expected she would marry and maintain the housewife image of the women of that time. But she had other plans for her life. Even though nursing was not a good job at the time, she had decided to become one. possibly because of her father because a doctor. She left her home to study in germany and when she returned she lived up to what she studied and got a job in england at a hospital. After some time she got promoted to head nurse.

During the crimean war, the soldiers had called upon Nightingale personally to come and help. When she and her group of nurses arrived they were shocked of the condition of the patients. most of them were dying from infection rather than injury sustained on the battlefield. So she demanded that all patients received adequate food and water and that the linen was changed daily and properly washed and attented to and improved sanitary conditions. making all the healers wash their hands from patient to patient. After that she had been successful in reducing the death rates by two thirds of what it used to be. She became known as the angel of the crimea. She also became known as the lady with the lamp because even at night when all the lights were off, she would go to the beds of the patients to check on them and make sure they were doing ok, with a
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