Nutcracker Concert Analysis

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It is no doubt that Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year. People spend time with their families, they decorate their homes with loads of Christmas things, and they set out to see the most reputable show of all time the Nutcracker. Whether it’s a broad way show, an orchestra playing, or just the movie of the nutcracker playing on the television, the nutcracker is what makes Christmas so special for so many little children and adults across America every year. This year I decided to attend a Nutcracker performance myself, but this wasn’t your typical nutcracker performance, this one had a little twist to it. On Saturday December 2nd, I attended The Nutcracker Suite, op. 71a (1892) musical concert ensemble at the Performing…show more content…
With that being said, it also brings me to my next analysis. The Waltz of the Flowers composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was my most favorite pieces during the concert. This piece sounded magical and it got me in to the Christmas spirit. The song started off with the sweet and soft sound of the harp accompanied by the clarinets and after the generous cadenza the horns joined in. By the time the strings started playing I fell in love with this piece of music. Noting mentally that the French horns also had a solo accompanied by the clarinets I could see that much of this piece’s instruments gave an endearing performance that not only enticed me but most of the audience as well. As I looked around the room I noticed everyone’s heads moving back and forth swaying with the melody of the music. I could just imagine being in a Christmas movie, ice skating, and tasting the soft taste of snow while I skate around and feel the winter breeze against my cheeks. And although, this was the last piece of the night, I wanted that moment to last a little bit longer. Furthermore, I liked all of the pieces on the program, but the one that I liked secondly aside from the Waltz of the Flowers piece was the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy piece. As soon as the orchestra started playing the song I immediately got excited because I had just learned about the celesta in class and I have always wondered what instrument made that unforgettable
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