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2. Identify the raw materials specifications for this food product. This is a description of the raw material. Sugar Nutella contains beet sugar and refined cane sugar, depending on the geography of its production area. The sugar types that they purchase globally can be roughly classified as follows: 75% beet sugar and 25% refined cane sugar. They buy only sugar in crystal form with a certain particle size and, when they receive the sugar tanks, they implement strict controls including those that verify the size of the crystals and their purity. The Ferrero Group ensures that no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used in its products. The sugar sourced is, therefore, 100% non-GMO. Palm oil Palm oil is used in Nutella to give the…show more content…
To begin with the hazelnuts are a little chunky, through the mixing and blending process they become a smooth paste. The product is then unloaded from one Blend Tank to another where the Nutella is produced. The cocoa powder is then mixed with the hazelnuts along with sugar, vanillin and skim milk in a large tank until it becomes a paste-like spread. Modified palm oil is then added to help retain the solid phase of the Nutella at room temperature, which substitutes for the butter found in the cocoa bean. In addition, whey powder is added to the mix because it acts as a binder for the paste. Whey powder is an additive commonly used in spreads to prevent the coagulation of the product because it stabilizes the fat emulsions. Similarly, to whey powder lecithin, which is a form of a fatty substance found in animal and plant tissues, is used to emulsify as it promotes homogenized mixing of the different ingredients allowing the paste to become spreadable. It also aids the lipophilic properties of the cocoa powder which, again, keeps the product from separating. Vanillin is added to enhance the sweetness of the chocolate. The product is refined to 20micron, then unload from the machine and transported to the Automated…show more content…
The time taken during the filling depends on the size of the jar, however it fills four jars at once. After the jars are filled, they move along a conveyor belt till the reach the sealer. Before reaching the sealer, the filled jar pass under a machine which pastes a layer of glue around the rim, so an air tight seal can stick. Then the sealer applies the characteristic silver seal on every bottle to airtight the product. Like the Automatic filler also applies seal to four jars at a time. Quickly after the sealed jars move to the lid applier, where four suction cups pick up four lids and place them on the four jars. After another machine, pushes the lid down snugly screws them on the jars. The jars move along the conveyor belts till the reach labelling, where automated labellers which apply the labels onto the

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