Nutraceuticals: A Case Study

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Nutraceuticals is a portmanteau for words like Nutrition and Pharmaceutical. It was coined by Stephen L deFelice (founder and chairperson of Foundation of Innovation Medicine which is a Non-Profit Organisation)
In various countries products of this sorts are termed as different things like in Canada Nutraceutical products can either be tagged under food or drugs . The general notion is any kind of product purified from food items used to treat the occurance of any chronic disorder can be termed as a Nutraceutical product.
In the USA there is no specific term coined for nutraceuticals and thus depending on their ingrediants they are termed as medicine, dietary supplement, food supplement or food. (Wikipedia, n.d.)
The products
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, n.d.):
1. Clean to clear labels: Now with increasing awareness and demands manufacturers, consumers, retailers, specialists are seeking more transparency in the labelling of the products. This is now a demand in the market to provide more information about the ingredients constituted in the product.
2. A good start: Sales of breakfast foods have been estimated to grow almost 20% from 2007-2011, reaching $12.5bn, according to Mintel, which predicted the category to grow nearly 26% in the period of 2012-2017 to $15.7bn. Also at the same time protein supplements have gone mainstream with the introduction of Chobani Greek Yoghurt.
3. Energy issues: In consequence to the various issues regarding the consumption of energy drinks and their long term repercussions FDA has boarded experts on board to analyze the criticalities associated with high caffeine consumption in certain groups of
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Enterprises that seek growth in long term and want to avoid annihilation in a competitive and ruthless environment seek growth. Growth not only offers everyone in the organisation ample opportunities but also gives a chance for diversification and survival of the company. This is only successful when all the pre requisites for expanding have been met and thus the application of expansion strategies.
Expansion strategies are designed to allow enterprises to maintain their competitive position in rapidly growing national and international markets. Hence to successfully compete, survive and flourish, an enterprise has to pursue an expansion strategy. There are following advantages and requirements for adopting the same:
• It is adopted to gain a significant growth as compared to incremental growth envisaged in stability strategies.
• It is also adopted to increase the rate of growth of sales, profits and shares by entering new markets, acquiring new resources, developing new technologies and creating new managerial capabilities.
• It also provides a blueprint to the business eneterprise to achieve their long term growth objectives.
• It allows the companies to maintain their competitive edge even in advanced stages of product and market

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