Nutraceuticals Swot Analysis

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This chapter focuses on the analysis of the case company based on the findings from the research in this master thesis. The analysis was performed using the theoretical framework regarding the Nutraceuticals sector, strategic planning, and SWOT analysis, LSM, and value proposition design. The analysis is divided into three parts, firstly presenting the current situation of the case company including their historic information and current value proposition, followed by the evaluation of the customers demands and the analysis of the process of defining a strategic plan to the case company using the LSM approach. This consisted of a SWOT analysis, internal and external analysis and of the value proposition design using the value proposition canvas. 5.1 Current situation of the strategic plan at the case company The current strategic plan of the case company was investigated through an initial interview with the company’s co-founders. Those shared the historic of the company, including details regarding the funding and product development processes as well details regarding the previous attempt to launch the first product lines…show more content…
The direct sales were performed by the co-founders and theirs collaborators to members of theirs network, including the employees of theirs other companies. In parallel, they created company profiles in social media (e.g. Facebook) for sharing information about the program. Since they did not have a structured market plan to follow they could not measure the success of the implementation or neither can actually precise which was the exact cause of theirs failure. Also, this was not a scalable model, and was implemented as an initial test. A possible reason for the initial failure argued by them was the lack of a fully functional IT
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