Nutrient Cycle Research Paper

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Nutrients are chemicals elements that plants and animals require for growth. Macro nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are found in artificial fertilizers. My neighbor would be affecting the nutrient cycle because the fertilizer is extracting nutrients from the soil and leaving them to be placed in the aquatic environment. This affects the Nutrient Cycle. When these nutrients are taken away this can lead to the soil lacking the micro nutrients that are needed. Nitrogen is available abundantly because 78% of the air is made up of nitrogen. Potassium comes in small portions, but it is also available abundantly. The fertilizer that the neighbor is using whether it is synthetic or natural has severe consequences when it is continually applied to the grass. There is a depletions of nutrient sources and a depletion can occur in his soil. Dead zones will begin to appear in his soil which means the soil will no longer be able to be used for anything because of…show more content…
The hydrologic cycle is also known as the water cycle. This cycle controls the exchange between the atmospheres, bodies of water, and between lands. In the urban areas, the landscapes cause the water to pour off more quickly. When the water runs off the pavements and compacted soils, this can cause flooding. This will result in more infrastructures and waterways that were supposed to be natural are now used to drain off the run off water. In urban areas that are highly-urbanized, the rain becomes surface runoff. This run off from these urbanized areas can cause channel erosion, habitat damage to the animals, and clogged stream channels. These changes in the water cycle have great effects on the atmosphere. For example, clean water will be harder to find for fish, humans, and other wildlife. Some of the water in the cycle evaporates, some goes into the ground, and the remainder will travel to lakes, oceans, streams, and

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