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1.) Discuss your actual intake compared to the ‘Nutrient Intake Report’ recommendations. What vitamins and minerals are you low in? What vitamins and minerals do you consume too much of?
1a.) I did not meet the recommendations for calcium or potassium, I went over my sodium intake, but all my other recommendations for minerals were met. For vitamins I was under on my Vitamin E, and Vitamin K, but I met the recommendations for all other vitamins.

2.) Discuss the quality and number of beverages you drank. Are you drinking enough water and milk? Are the beverages you drank contributing to the overall quality of the diet? Are they providing extra unwanted calories or added sugars? Are they providing other unnecessary substances, such as caffeine, alcohol, too much vitamins and minerals, etc?
2a.) I usually only consume a beverage during a meal, and right after a workout. I am not drinking enough water, I usually only drink water after exercise which I know is not great. However, I do consume milk and fruit juices on a regular day basis. Milk provides me with most of my calcium intake. The orange juice provides me
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3a.) I do not consume enough water throughout my day. The weather is starting to get warm so now is the time for me to make it a habit to consume my 12 cups a day. I was under on my calcium intake , and I think if I add yogurt to a couple of my meals I will be able to meet my calcium recommendation. For my potassium I plan on eating more legumes, specifically white beans, and yogurt would also help with my potassium. Lastly, I want to cut down on my sodium so having a healthier breakfast would assist. So, no bacon or pork sausage, and breakfast would be a good time for me to get that yogurt in my diet and it would work well as a substitute for bacon/pork

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