Nutrition And Nutrition

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Most people would say agriculture is about growing food and rearing animals; they are actually right. Agricultural performance, after all, is measured in terms of production measured in yield, grain production and output. The purpose of agriculture, however, does not stop there. At a deeper level, the holistic purpose of agriculture is not just to grow crops and livestock for food and raw materials, but to grow healthy, well-nourished people alongside. One of farmers’ most important tasks is to produce food of sufficient quantity (that is, enough calories) and quality (with the vitamins and minerals needed by the human body) to feed all of the planet’s people sustainably so they can leave healthy, productive lives. This is effectively one of the goals of agriculture, although it is rarely made explicit (IFPRI, 2012). Researchers’ interest in the nexus of nutrition and health came to prominence in 2011.With one billion people world-wide suffering from food insecurity, and deficiency of food nutrients like vitamins and minerals, the international development community began to ask how much more agriculture could do to improve human well-being if it explicitly included nutrition and health goals. What kind of changes could maximize agriculture’s contribution to human health, nutrition and income and how could improved human health and nutrition contribute to a more productive and sustainable agricultural system which will be free from associated poverty stigma (IFPRI and ILRI

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