Annotated Bibliography: Eat For Life

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Heather Hill
25 July 2015
Annotated Bibliography
Eng, Monica. “A dose of culinary medicine sends med students to the kitchen.” All Things Considered. National Public Radio. 1 July 2015.Web. 15 July 2015.
This radio program highlights an innovative approach that educators from the Gaples Institute in Chicago use to train their medical students in the importance of nutrition in medicine. Medical professionals speaking on the program indicate that one of the most asked questions by their patients is how does nutrition effect their health. The educators featured in this program are finding ways to devote more curriculum time to nutrition and lifestyle. The program touches on problems within the existing medical education system and emerging solutions.
This program contains several informative quotations from students and educators involved in changing perceptions and attitudes related to how diet relates to medicine. The article features quotes such as “only about a quarter of American med schools offer the 25 hours of nutrition training recommended — but not required — by the National Academy of Sciences”. The program also contains an additional and powerful quote, which would be useful in an essay concerning medical practice as it relates to nutrition. According
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The book offers examples of diets in different countries and the effects that those diets have on overall health. The book itself references a multitude of studies to support the author’s findings. Top experts in the field of nutrition are members of The Food and Nutrition Board who wrote this text. This book is dated as it was written in 1992. However, much of the information in this book has stood the test of time. I will look to use information from more recent sources in my essay as the field is rapidly changing to verify that the information in my research paper is

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