Nutrition Personal Statement

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Personal statement of dietetics program
I had not cared about what diet I had until I suffered from slower growth than usual population in secondary school. I also learn that the diets of people are getting worse and then it leads to chronic diseases, especially obesity has been significantly increasing since the fast-food culture became popular. These issues excite me to find ways combating the diseases and illness through nutrition, a natural way to remedy the diseases. Trying to participate in nutrition consultation to people, I find myself passionate to help and find it crucially important to become a dietician. Becoming a dietician could be very challenging as it involves nutrition and medical therapy. I believe this programme will help
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I have taken several courses in terms of Human Pathophysiology, Nutrition in Medical Therapy, and Pharmacology. Those courses allow me to build a solid foundation of nutrition and medical therapy. Focusing on General Education, the curriculum encourages me taking General Education courses such as Microeconomics, Latin American Culture and Emotional Intelligence. Not only can I obtain the updated knowledge on Food Science, but it also reaches me logical and critical thinking to analyse and solve problems for my tasks. I am sure that I can fit in lectures since English is the medium of instruction throughout the college.
Having a chance to practise what I learn, I joined the activities ‘Nutrition Awareness’ in university. I offered nutrition consultation and gave advice to improve students’ health status. I had been doing thorough preparation before I did the consultation. Through the preparation, I equipped myself to be professional and deliver the advice with effective communication. This activity was a good practice to analyze the diet and lifestyle of clients. It taught me to be patient and practice answering the needs of clients. The personal skills I learned could help my further study and
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I enjoyed the time in Wall Free Club, a social entrepreneurship club. It encourages me the spirits of innovation, creativity and social entrepreneurship. As a vice president, I planned events which involves thousands of schoolmates and built good relationship with the school and other activity clubs. From this I have improved interpersonal skills. I have learnt take the initiatives and become responsible for the committees. What is more, I have gained confidence after practising public speaking and leadership. This activities has taught me about perseverance when I have to come up with the difficulties and deadlines of making an activities.
Along with the school syllabus, visits to food manufacturers were a good experience related food safety. During the visit to Kirin Beer Factory in Zhuhai and the internship at ScanFoods Ltd. in Dongguan, I have learnt the quality assurance management standard and studied food law in China. I practised the biochemical test for the quality of the food products, which will be an advantage on entering the food industry. This advantage is enhanced by the experience on the visits to waste treatment
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