Nutrition Reflection

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Life is filled of wonderful things to help keep your body healthy just by being able to eat the right things, exercising and discipling yourself to do what is best to keep your body right. The website I used to gather the most information was MyPlate and the Super-tracker to teach what I need to work to build my life to be healthier. To begin to start with my food groups and the number of calories I assumed to composed in some areas I see I was over the amount of the target I was trying to reach and in other ones I couldn’t meet the goal I wanted to achieve. In the grains family, I see consumed during the 3-day period with the whole grains I met my goal of my target of 7 1/2 ounces which I am proud of myself by eating oatmeal, brown rice…show more content…
According to my Nutrition Report, I will be starting with my macronutrients; My protein intakes states that I went over the target goal of the 46g but I consumed about 120g of protein I noticed that the status is okay but I know I will need to reduction the about of the protein of chicken and try something new like salmon and fish. The lipids which are fats, I have learned from the previous assignments of the metabolism and the lipids that there is a 20 to 30 percent of fats that should be consumed in your body everyday seeing that I’m too far of the 30% I was in the range of 29% that I see that highest thing of lipids that avocados, which I feel I will need to eliminate them instead of eating them every lunch period be able to discipline myself by just eating them here and there not as often as I was before. In the carbohydrates family, I see that I am supposed to have the minimum recommended of the 130 grams in adults and young adult. Being able to see that I consumed 272 grams of carbohydrates which is over target goal of the 130 grams. The amount of the calories I consumed for 52% for just by eating abundance of oatmeal which exceeded my target to get above the about 45-65% calories. My micronutrients in the nutrient reports; Calcium is very important to me because it is for the healthiness of the bones, and being able to target my goal of being above the actual 1000 mg to get to 1659 mg which is the best because it will help me to be able to function throughout the day just by eating the right things to help me to grow. Sodium I see was too high on the sodium and the average is the 2300 and I greater than the amount listed I was at 2516 mg. I know high sodium deals with the blood pressure and to be able to reduce heart attack I

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