Nvq Duty Of Care

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Duty of care is the ability to always act and have the best intentions of the service user and other people that may be affected by your actions. This is a legal requirement to protect the people using the services. This is knowing your limits and not acting in a way that can cause harm or danger to anyone else. Merryvale Residence doesn’t show a duty of care because although they only provide support for 10 people they are still lacking staff and are under the legal limit which means they are breaking the law. Cherry Trees Children’s Centre have failed to show a duty of care by allowing volunteers to look after the children without knowing the emergency evacuation and the fire doors also often being locked. This puts everyone in danger and is very unsafe. …show more content…

For example by law every person working in a health and social care setting must have a disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) however the manager at Cherry Trees Children’s Centre has failed to do so. This action is breaking the law and puts the children at this centre at a high risk for being in danger and could make them more susceptible to abuse and neglect. DBS’ are put in place to prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable adults and young children. Every person has rights and they all can have an opinion on how they would like things to go and what they are entitled to. This should be made very clear and no one should feel like they are not sure what their rights are or are scared to find out. The couple from Merryvale Residence feel they are entitled to a double bedroom but are unsure of their legal rights. This is bad because this could make them feel isolated because they are unsure what to do and are not happy this could be because they feel intimidated or scared to ask which could also rings alarm

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