Nvq Level 2 Health And Social Care

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AC 1.1: The development of social services during the post-war period. During the war there were shortages in all supplies such as foodstuffs, clothing, or petrol. As part war effort took government management of the rationing, ensuring that the pregnant women, children and the vulnerable got extra supplies. People favoured this action by the government so much that they were happy if it could continue. In 1942 the Beveridge Report on Social Insurance and the Allied Services was published. It addressed the social problems in Britain which included: Want, Squalor, Disease, Squalor, Ignorance, and Idleness. Furthermore, he suggested that those in employment pay a weekly contribution into a government scheme and in turn this will pay for the possible eventualities of life 's possible contingencies and the government to set up a ministry which will be responsible for the distribution of grants, assessments and eligibility in case of…show more content…
AC 2.1: The main features of social work provision for children. Social work aims to make provision for children in care, provide in regard to child welfare, and provision about regulation of social workers. The Children and Social Work Bill 18 May 2016, Social work ensures stability and safety of children, makes assessments of the effects of the past abuse on the child and reviews the current and likelihood of the future abuse. Places children into foster care if necessary and makes follows ups on looked after-children in foster care, orphanages and those who have been adopted to observe their integration and progress over time. Social work has the responsibility to safeguard children and young people from potential harm from anybody could be from family members, carers or others. Different local authorities provide different levels of support. It has a statutory obligation to safeguard vulnerable children and promote their well-being and to provide support and a range of services to families and co-ordination of
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