Nvq Level 3 Research Paper

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1. The most relevant legislation dealing with recording, storage and sharing of information in health and social care are Data Protection Act which consider data protection, confidentiality, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, Disability Discrimination Act relating to disability discrimination. 1.2 It is important to have secure information systems and ensuring necessary safeguards and appropriate uses of personal information e.g. issues relating to human rights, confidentiality. It is also important to consider accuracy, retention, availability and disposal of information issues relating to secure recording of information e.g. systems of manual recording, security of electronic recording, confidentiality of information. 2 We need to have an awareness of agreed ways of working, policies, procedures and codes of practice for handling information, understanding roles and responsibilities in relation to handling information, seeking permission from the appropriate people to access records where needed. The re is also an importance of staff training…show more content…
Information Governance Training. 2.2 If there are concerns relating to handling and sharing information we need to apply an individual measures e.g. staff training, CRB checks and vetting procedures, staff supervision and management; system measures e.g. electronic audit trails, encrypted passwords, information checking systems. There has to be agreed ways of working with specific policies and procedures, physical measures e.g. secure storage, CCTV 3 There is an importance of keeping legible, accurate, complete and up-to-date records in order to meet legislative requirements and to ensure clarity of information for everybody involve in care for that particular person and continuity of
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