Nvq Unit 6 Research

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Standard 6: In military environment there are medical records of patients. Printing out the lab work or information of medications is done elsewhere, since there is not a printer close by my computer. These records are privileged papers because it is a baseline bloodwork for the program. Before handing the papers to the participant we have them tell me their full name and last four of their social security. This coincides with 6.02 Maintenance, Dissemination, and Disposal of Confidential Records of Professional and Scientific Work. There are times when a situation is hectic and negligence can occur at that point of time. In class, lab results on printed-paper intended for the patient was given to another participant in class. They opened it up and saw all the information not realizing it was not theirs. They asked me about the results and I noticed it was not theirs. I had to backtrack and let the participant know what happened. I made the error and gave them the contact for filing a complaint. No complaint was made but do realize how traumatic that could be if the bloodwork came back in a upsetting matter and the participant was not forgiving. Standard 7: As an…show more content…
The research coordinator asked specific questions about the information provided in the form. We had asked the participant would be able to come in sooner than the class time for questions needed to answer. The participant was upset that that an earlier time was needed. In the protocol and informed consent it states what the participant needs to do for time and details of the study itself for taking the natural supplements. The research coordinator explained the informed consent has all that information. The participant explained a family member filled it out. So the research coordinator and director decided to ask if they would like to be in the study and be compliant and the participant decided to not stay with
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