Othello Movie Analysis

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The film O has many similar elements from the original play othello. It was transferred into different situations and setting. Many characters in O have a counterpart to othello. Odin to Othello, Desi to Desdemona, Hugo to Iago, Emily to Emilia, Roger to Roderigo, and Michael Cassio to Cassio. The setting of the story takes place from a city venice to an elite prep school in the south. The war in the play has been changed to basketball competition. Iago jealousy of Othello being promoted to be higher rank than him him is not changed to Odin getting the M.V.P award. In the play Othello there was time of war which is compared to the O movie basketball season. In the play Desdemona is caught alone with Cassio, Iago tells Othello and gets very mad thinking that Desdemona is cheating on him. Desi in the movie is seen with Michael Cassio at the game which Odin is playing in and gets Insecure. Cassio ends up with the handkerchief that Othello…show more content…
Which Odin got mad because he got it from his mother and gave it to Desi. In my opinion I think the movie O explains more better of the plot then the play because the movie is more realistic and shows good parts that look real and what is really going on but in the play everything looks fake of what they are very hard to understand what they are saying. In movie they use word that they relate to us at school and we understand much better they use modern words. It’s just my opinion I think the movie O is better than the play othello us students understand more what is really going on in the movie it relates to us because we're in high school in the movie O there at a high school and high school may have a lot of drama and it helps us understand the plot
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