O Brother Where Art Thou And Odysseus Comparison Essay

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The novel, The Odyssey by Homer and the film, O’ Brother, Where Art Thou are very separate tales, yet they share many of the same factors. One of these factors is the main characters from each, Odysseus and Ulysses Everett McGill. Both are leaders, on an odyssey home to be reunited with their family, and reclaim their old lives. Despite their character resemblance, I believe Odysseus was the outstanding leader of the two. Odysseus managed the Cyclops predicament exceedingly better than Everett. When stuck with Polyphemus, Odysseus went to work promptly, crafting an escape from the Cyclops. “...and he quickly drove the sleek flock into the vaulted cavern, rams and all -none left outside in the walled yard- his own idea” He thought of a bona fide plan to help him and his crew. Everett’s reaction was not the same, as far as we are aware. They cut the fiery cross down, and it happened to fall on Big Dan. There was no true exhibit to lead us to think that this was even Everett’s idea, and even if so, I believe there was miniscule strategy put behind this action. Odysseus showed, contradictory to Everett, that he is a well deserving leader.…show more content…
Waldrip in comparison to Odysseus’s handling with the suitors. Accordingly, in Homer’s great poem you can find this passage; “So they mocked, but Odysseus, mastermind in action… scanned every inch… horror swept through the suitors…” Odysseus hid in plain sight to analyze the loyalties of the suitors, found who was worthy, then connivingly served his justice with the suitors. On the flip side, Everett saw Vernon and without hesitation attempted to physically challenge him, and lost. McGill did no planning to get Vernon out of his family’s lives, the situation ended up that way out of luck. Everett could have tried much harder to fight for his family and wife from the suitors like unto
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